Paving services for Newcastle, Maitland & the Hunter Valley

Whether you would like us to do everything from design, paver selection, preparation and installation or just come in and do the heavy lifting we can help.

Laying pavers can be quite physical work and if the surface beneath the pavers is not prepared correctly it won’t be long until that flat path is an uneven trip hazard.

Save yourself the hassle of laying pavers and get us in to create a terrific path, driveway or outdoor entertaining area that is aesthetically pleasing and super strong, level and stable. Our team will make sure there is suitable drainage and provide advice for cleaning and maintenance.

Since paving is one of the most permanent and more expensive elements of landscaping ,deciding up front on the style, design, materials and maintenance requirements for paving is very important.

Paver Installation

In residential and commercial properties pavers may be installed in the following locations:

Paving can be installed on small or big patios on a compacted subbase or onto a concrete base to enhance its beauty, create an appealing surrounding and provide a reliable flooring surface. Pavers commonly utilized are brick, stone and concrete. Pavers can be laid in various patterns to suit the design of the house or to suit personal preferences.

Paved driveways are a popular choice for property owners since it gives a sophisticated appearance compared to the traditional driveways made out of asphalt, gravel or plain concrete. Clay brick and concrete pavers are among the most popular materials since they have flexible joints and are durable especially when placed under the heavy weight of vehicles.

Natural stone is also becoming more popular, and although it is more expensive than traditional paving it is longer lasting and is easier to maintain as it is glued and grouted to a 100mm thick concrete slab.

Encouraging people to walk on paths rather than the grass in busy areas will help ensure the grass looks great and doesn’t wear down. The design and surface finish are critical considerations to ensure that the walkway is not just appealing and functional, but safe and slip free as well.

Paving is an ideal and attractive surface around pool areas.

With the abundant choices of natural stones from all around the world to choose from it is becoming a very popular, low maintenance addition to your pool area.

Paved areas around your pool should always be prepared with a structural concrete base with the pavers glued and grouted with expansion joins where necessary to reduce any cracking to the area over time.

Edging draws the line that separates the lawn from driveways, walkways or patios. Aside from keeping your outdoor space organized, edging brings out focal points, creates curb appeal and protects the lawn and garden plants from weeds.

Brick, concrete and stone pavers are ideal materials for your edging.

Paving Materials

Below are the different types of paving materials:

Brick paving is a great addition to cottage, country and heritage style homes and projects. This style of paving gets better with time as it ages and blends in with the surrounding buildings as it is exposed to the elements.

Ideal when you want to have an old European design for your landscape.

Cobblestones are durable, although, they can be a little bumpy and uneven this adds to the authentic look of the paving.

A popular and easy to work with material since it is flat and regular in size making it ideal for patios, walkways, paths and seating areas. It is durable, provides a non- slip surface and requires little upkeep. It creates a lovely soft inviting look which is a lot softer to the eye than concrete.

Steppers can be broken up with gravel, plants or synthetic turf. This is a cost-effective way to create an attractive area that is great for those narrow sides of buildings or areas where drainage is a concern. They can also be used to break up larger areas of paving and garden areas to create interest. Steppers are not recommended for high traffic areas but are a great idea for low to medium traffic areas.

Natural stone is becoming one of the most popular styles of paving due to the increased importation of stone from all around the world which seems to be increasing in choice every month. Although more expensive to supply and install than traditional paving,it is easier to maintain and more structural due to the pavers being glued and then grouted to a 100mm thick reinforced concrete slab.

Natural stone is also in most cases a lot harder wearing than concrete manufactured pavers.