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How to Choose a Qualified Structural Landscaper

Tune in with Jason, directing manager and experienced landscaper, as he guides you through the crucial steps of choosing a reputable structural landscaping company for your outdoor transformation. This video is packed with insider tips to ensure you partner with a service that truly understands your vision and has the skills to bring it to life.

With a focus on qualifications, portfolio excellence, and industry reputation, Jason outlines what to look for in a professional landscaping service. 

Watch now to equip yourself with the knowledge to select the finest structural landscaping company. 

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  • Where Do I Start When Planning My New Pool Area?

    Dive into essential planning tips with Jason in this video as he outlines the top considerations for designing your new pool area. Discover why thoughtful planning is crucial to saving both time and money and learn the key elements that ensure a seamless and cost-effective pool installation. Ideal for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living space with a functional and beautiful pool

  • What is 'No Fines'?

    Learn what No Fines concrete is, why Jason Reading Landscapes chooses to use it, and how its unique properties can benefit your outdoor space. Perfect for those looking to understand the technical aspects and environmental benefits of this important material.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Structural Retaining Walls

    In this Tuesday Tip, Jason highlights the critical importance of involving both engineers and qualified structural landscapers to ensure the safety and durability of your retaining wall. Discover why professional expertise is essential for these foundational landscaping elements.

  • Tuesday Tip - Paving

    Choosing the right base for paving depends largely on the area’s specific requirements. For high-movement areas such as pool surrounds, we recommend a reinforced concrete base for stability and a lasting finish. Outdoor spaces on stable natural ground, like pergolas or fire pit areas, benefit from a compacted base, using road base crusher dust or river sand. Our expert tips guide you through selecting the perfect paving base to enhance your outdoor living area.

  • Tuesday Tip Storm Drains

    As storm forecasts predict heavy rain, it’s vital to ensure your garden’s drainage systems, including strip and box drains, are free from debris to prevent blockages. This proactive step protects your home from potential water damage and guarantees your outdoor activities, like weekend barbeques and family time, remain unaffected. Don’t let blocked drains disrupt your home’s safety and enjoyment—check your outdoor drainage today!

  • Tuesday Tips BAL Rating

    Discover how the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating affects your building and landscaping decisions, especially in bushfire-prone regions. The BAL rating assesses fire risk, dictating the use of specific materials to safeguard your home. Awareness of your property’s BAL rating is vital, as it directly influences design choices, material restrictions, and the overall cost of construction and landscaping projects. Stay informed about your BAL rating to make knowledgeable decisions for your home’s safety and compliance!

  • 55-60k+ Boolaroo Project

    Dive into the full scope of this comprehensive landscaping makeover, executed on a 500-600 square meter block, showcasing key elements like a pebble creek concrete driveway, earthworks, and both heron block and concrete sleeper retaining walls. Jason reveals that this project ranged from $55,000 to $65,000. This insight is crucial for homeowners planning their landscaping alongside new home construction, providing a clear budgetary framework and ensuring a smooth, stress-free process. Explore how the complexity and slope of your site might influence your project’s cost with Jason Reading Landscapes.

  • Questionnaire Explained

    Before diving into your landscaping project, we ensure every detail is covered through a comprehensive form. This essential step gathers your contact details, project specifics, budget range, and preferred materials, paving the way for a customized consultation. By submitting this information early, we align our design and planning phase with your vision, budget, and timeline, ensuring an optimal landscaping solution tailored to your needs. Contact us now to complete our pre-consultation form. Streamline your project from concept to completion, leveraging our 20+ years of industry expertise for your outdoor transformation.

  • Retaining Walls

    Understanding the critical factors—such as site access, council DA requirements, and structural needs—is essential when choosing the perfect retaining wall for your property. From space-saving concrete sleeper and structural block walls to the aesthetic allure of sandstone log walls, we cover it all to match your specific needs. Our expert advice focuses on ensuring longevity, stability, and compliance with local regulations.  Contact us today for a comprehensive consultation, and let us enhance your outdoor space with the ideal retaining wall, tailored to your unique requirements.

  • Decking

    Enjoy it with family. Decking your home will not only increase property value but it will create an entirely new space for you to enjoy. From the afternoons in the shade to the entertaining, we have you sorted.

  • Our Team - Average week at Jason Reading Landscapes

    Ever wondered what we do? There is a lot! From excavating new sites to building retaining walls, paving outdoor areas and installing decks. It’s all happening during the week!

  • School & Playgrounds - Belmont Primary School

    Whether it’s the entire transformation of your school area, we can manage the process from design to final outcome. These new natural playgrounds are very popular and can last for many years. This particular project boosted enrolments and created a beautiful, neutral space that the children absolutely love!

  • Greta Public School - Before and After

    We wanted to design and create something for this school that filled entirely empty space that the kids would enjoy. We decided on a car track where older children in a buddy system can take their buddy to play as well as using this space during lunchtime.

  • Repair Work - Retaining Walls Lake Macquarie NSW

    We also offer landscaping repair work whilst working on projects. If you’ve ever had work that didn’t maintain structural integrity we will ensure the job is done correctly. This particular case was in Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie NSW. Even though these retaining walls didn’t state in the specifications that it required a footing, concrete is a solid choice to ensure the wall keeps it shape over many years.

  • Treated Pine Retaining Walls - What to know

    Discover the essentials of constructing a robust Treated Pine retaining wall, from selecting the right H4 grade timber to achieving the optimal backward grade for stability. Learn the significance of proper drainage using geofabric, ag pipe, and gravel, alongside the crucial spacing and depth of posts for enduring strength. Follow our professional guidelines to ensure your timber retaining wall not only enhances your landscape’s aesthetic but also withstands the test of time. 

  • Civic Station & Museum Park - Commercial Landscaping

    We worked on this large commercial project back in 2019. It was a huge undertaking to entirely transform this station into a natural landscaped work of art. In this video we run through some of the design elements that made this even more special.

  • Clarendon Maitland - Revamp

    Work we completed 5 years ago is getting a revamp! We’re back again to ensure the latest styles and design is used on these display homes. Checkout the Maitland Clarendon home!

  • Before & After - Turfing Louth Park

    There’s nothing better than a good lawn! This particular client was hosting a wedding on their property. We had previously done turfing for them so we were back again to complete more garden sections and even a dry creek bed to handle some drainage.