Excavations services for Newcastle, Maitland & the Hunter Valley

Whether for the start of new garden beds, a complete landscaping project or a new retaining wall, excavation by powered equipment is the most efficient way of moving earth ready for construction.

Excavation is the process of digging up or digging out to remove earth and create a cavity or hole. If trees and shrubs are existing on the land to be excavated they might need to be removed or partitioned to avoid damage.

Excavation is commonly associated with construction of buildings, but there are other reasons as well for excavating a residential or commercial property. In landscaping, it could be to convert a rocky outcrop to a feature, to build a pond or a pool, or to prepare for the pouring of concrete for a patio, playground or any other structure.

Excavation compared to grading

When hiring a contractor to do excavation for your property, it is essential to make it clear if the job includes grading. Excavation is oftentimes confused with grading, but these two are actually distinct and separate tasks. Excavation deals more with the removal of plants and rocks from the soil and creating trenches or changed topography while grading entails creation of a level base. Cut and fill grading is considered as the roughest form of excavation wherein extra dirt from an area will be scooped out and relocated to other portions where soil is more needed to make the surface more even.

The technology and equipment for excavation developed by professional landscapers like those from Jason Readings Landscapes make it fast and affordable to apply modern techniques to finish the job efficiently.

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