Irrigation services for Newcastle, Maitland & the Hunter Valley

Your garden needs water to grow, and the best way to help it along is to lay some good groundwork before you plant. Proper irrigation and healthy soil is the safety net for your garden.

Irrigation is the foundation of a prosperous ecosystem, one that will outlast scorching heat, frigid cold and torrential rain. It’s the process through which a controlled amount of water can be supplied through artificial means such as pipes, ditches, sprinklers etc. For us, the main objectives of your irrigation system is to lower your landscape maintenance and reduce the effect of inadequate rainfall etc. The importance of irrigation systems is very high. Your plants can absorb mineral nutrients from irrigated soil. Thus irrigation is essential for the general growth in your garden.

There are also other benefits of investing in an irrigation system. Automatic timers and rain sensors don’t just create convenience, they ensure the best savings on your water. Due to most systems only delivering water straight to your plants you’ll also have less weeds. Ultimately you’ll have a much healthier garden – an investment in your garden where the results speak for themselves.

System design

We can create a design and offer different types of systems to suit your home or commercial space. Increase your productivity with Irrigation. Save yourself time and in the long run money on water savings for maximum efficiency.

Irrigation Newcastle