Landscape Consultation

Start Your Landscaping Journey with Jason Reading Landscapes in Newcastle, Maitland & the Hunter Valley

Embark on a transformative landscaping project with Jason Reading Landscapes, your expert in creating enchanting outdoor living spaces in Newcastle, Maitland, and the Hunter Valley. Our tailored consultation process ensures your vision is perfectly aligned with our expertise from the very beginning.

Qualify for Our Comprehensive Consultation

Initiate your landscaping project by completing our detailed questionnaire and attaching your site plans. This step is crucial as it sets the groundwork for your personalized 15-minute “Discovery Call” with our skilled landscape estimator/designers. It provides us with essential information about your upcoming outdoor project.

Discovery Call: Laying the Foundation

This introductory call is your opportunity to discuss your project’s specifics, from material preferences to design ideas and any initial concerns. It’s the perfect moment to connect with your consultant, ensuring clarity and alignment before the actual site work begins.

On-Site Consultation: Tailoring Your Vision

During the on-site consultation, we focus on:

  • Defining your individual values, wants and needs for your outdoor space.
  • Thoroughly reviewing your design ideas.
  • Evaluating the practical aspects of your envisioned changes.
  • Adjusting project scope to fit your budget.

This face-to-face meeting is critical for setting realistic expectations and crafting a feasible project plan that aligns with your desires.

Post-Consultation: Detailed Planning and Design

Post-consultation, you will receive a detailed proposal that outlines the project scope and a sophisticated landscape design plan, if selected. This document serves as a blueprint for your project, detailing the steps, budget, and timeline, ensuring transparency and confidence as we move forward.

Pre-Discovery Call Requirements

Ensure your site plans are sent to us via email before the call. Confirming we are the right fit for your project is essential; thereafter, we will schedule your comprehensive consultation and process your $165 (inc. GST) consultation fee.

Why Our Consultation Service Stands Out

Opting for Jason Reading Landscapes means choosing a seamless process that transforms your outdoor areas into beautiful and functional spaces. Our consultation process is specifically designed to address and mitigate any potential issues, ensuring your project not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Ready to see your dream outdoor space take shape? Contact Jason Reading Landscapes today to start your detailed and supportive landscaping journey with a team that’s committed to excellence. Book an onsite consultation with us!