New Lambton Family Retreat

Transformative Family Retreat Landscaping in New Lambton

Jason Reading Landscapes proudly presents the transformation of a compact, underutilised backyard in New Lambton into a multi-functional family retreat.

Catering to a young family with busy lifestyles, this project showcases our all-inclusive landscaping service from concept to completion.

Client Goals

The client envisioned a rejuvenated backyard that provides distinct areas for relaxation and play, emphasising low maintenance and high functionality. They required a landscaping contractor who could manage the entire process seamlessly, allowing them to enjoy their evolving outdoor space without the stress of direct involvement.

Pre-construction Images

Challenges and Innovations

Navigating limited access through a single garage, our team utilised specialised tight-access equipment to efficiently transport materials and machinery. The design challenge was to fit multiple elements into a limited space without sacrificing aesthetic or functionality.

Through collaborative planning with our clients, we developed a comprehensive design that included a blend of entertainment and play areas, complemented by natural privacy solutions.

Customised Solutions by Jason Reading Landscapes

Our solution featured a dual-zone design:

  • Adult Entertainment Zone: Includes a hardwood pergola, crazy pave, and decking seats, perfect for hosting and relaxation.
  • Children’s Play Area: Features level, safe synthetic turf and is designed for easy maintenance and safety.

Strategic planting of bamboo ensures privacy and adds a green, lush feel to the space, enhancing both beauty and utility.

The End Result

Comprehensive Services Delivered

  • Excavation to optimise the terrain
  • Custom paving and concreting for durable, stylish surfaces
  • Construction of spotted gum deck steps and hardwood pergola for aesthetic appeal
  • Installation of practical synthetic turf in play areas
  • Planting of bamboo and other selected flora from Glendale Select Plants, providing privacy and enhancing the garden’s natural beauty

Notable Contributions

Materials and expertise were sourced from trusted suppliers and contractors, including Hudson Mitre 10 for quality timber, Calo Crete for expert concreting, and Artisan Exterior for the natural stone, ensuring every aspect of the project met our high standards.

Project Impact

This landscaping project not only transformed a space but also the daily lives of our clients, providing a serene retreat for adults and a safe, enjoyable play area for children.

This project exemplifies how Jason Reading Landscapes can transform challenging spaces into beautiful, functional landscapes that enhance lifestyle and property value, while allowing our clients to create beautiful memories with family and friends for years to come.

Before And After

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