School Playground Transformation at St Francis Xavier Catholic School Belmont

School Playground Renovation for Enhanced Learning

Our design and construct project at St Francis Xavier Catholic School Belmont involved upgrading an outdated playground to meet the diverse needs of children from kindergarten to year 6. 

Our goal was to revitalize the school’s playground area to make it more appealing and functional for students. The school principal, Sonya Boslem, wanted an outdoor space that not only supported physical play but also enhanced students’ learning outcomes by integrating natural elements that promote interactive and imaginative play.

Jason Reading Landscapes together with Sonya, decided to split this project into two stages:

  • Stage 1: included an outdoor play space constructed with natural products and elements, allowing students to actively play within their environment. 
  • Stage 2: included an interactive, outdoor classroom area with a mud kitchen, sandpit, and chalkboard, encouraging outdoor learning and imaginative play. 

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Key Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Access and safety were the main challenges in this project. Jason Reading Landscapes solutions included:

  • Creating Access: Building temporary ramps to transport equipment and materials, overcoming the site’s limited access.
  • Ensuring Safety: Installing temporary fencing to secure the construction zone, ensuring the safety of students and staff during school hours.
  • Meeting Tight Deadlines: Implementing a detailed project plan to meet the client’s timeframe without compromising on quality.

The Finished Product

Jason Reading Landscape’s transformation at St Francis Xavier Catholic School Belmont has resulted in a vibrant and engaging outdoor playground that not only enhances the school’s landscape but significantly impacts the students’ daily lives. Our redesign introduced natural, functional elements that encourage interactive learning and physical activity, fostering an environment where children feel inspired and motivated.

Detailed Project Execution

Design Excellence: Led by our skilled designer Flo, the project featured designs that utilized natural, sustainable materials to create a functional, low-maintenance and friendly space.

Educational and Play Features:

  • An outdoor classroom for interactive learning.
  • A sand pit and mud kitchen designed to encourage sensory play.
  • Diverse play structures that promote physical activity and teamwork in the natural environment. 

Products and Partnerships

We partnered with leading suppliers and contractors to ensure top-quality results:

This Is What The Client Had To Say

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